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New and Seasonal

Just an uploading some of my latest work with my new baby. My familiar lovely model, posing for the seasons [Fall and Spring for now – Summer and Winter, Day and Night soon!] Got myself, finally, some equipment that shall begin to start something. Nikon D5000, and works in progress.



Being only days away from Halloween, I though I’d take any of the costumes I could find that were interessting and took some photos. My actual costume though, consisted the remains of my zombie outfit and some skull makeup, but I was a bit too busy to take pictures with that ha-ha. Great Halloween though, blasting horror music and scaring any children that came out way! The photo shoot with myself (Models just happened to be oh-so-busy) took about an hour, using some pretty generic makeup. I started a little bit light at first, being a Monarch Butterfly with a hand-made costume, slowly drifting to the weird (tiger outfit with odd makeup and rainbow wig) and then eventually got back into my good, old horror photography – getting that last photo with whatever blood left from the zombie-walk as a deranged masquerade victim.


Zombie Photoshoot

Had some fun with friends and their family, got to together and took some shots that left me with goosebumps. Gave me some new zombie picture ideas and I think next time I’d like to have a music theme… ha-ha.


Nice to know that I can also take portraits of family and Friends. Here I just worked mostly around where I was at in the environment and let up a strong contrast. Contrast and Temperature – my two main elements!

Zombie Walk 2011

Here are some shots of this years Zombie walk! First are a few shots of getting ready, then comes a couple sample of the zombie photoshoot. Then, I took some candid shots of the Zombiewalk Zombies. This event occurs at the Vancouver Art Gallery every year near the end of August at 4:30pm and various causes are in effect. We walk for an hour along the Art Gallery, then turns down Robson. After we continue down Denman, towards the beach, taking a left on Davies to the Seawall! Afterwards there are a few Zombie-themed clubs open where the zombies shamble off to at the end of the night.


I thought I’d post my horror photography first. Each shot is done with picnic editing software.

First few shots are photos of me as the model, the first is being eaten alive by darkness, the second is the eye of insanity, third is once again, feeling trapped and eaten alive and the last is a prolific picture of me done as a skeleton.  Second series of shots is of my model (aka my best friend) who enjoys being my puppet for my devious art. Make up done by me, again and the first two shots of a dead girl, the third and fourth as a skeleton devil. The Third Series of Shots are with an actual model, who also is a friend of mine and agreed to pose as a zombie girl outside.


Well, as I am starting my blog/photography website here, I thought – of course after reading so much about me – you’d want to take a glimpse at some of my photography skills. My first picture I will talk about is my before and after one of me under the artificial clouds.

Here in the first photograph, I am posed under a gallery’s Cloud Art and placed myself in the center of the view-finder. Rule of thirds did not came into play here, making me the center of focus, letting the clouds be discarded through out the top of the frame. After the picture was taken, (which, for questions sake, it was taken quickly by my sisters camera, so do not mind the grainy quality), I then proceeded to edit it.

The Second picture, I used a simple editing software called “Picnic” and cropped out the background. I then proceeded to make it black and then, I began to place words across the clouds with various meaning (mostly on the apocalyptic view of the end of mankind!) I then cropped out my hair and added the words “No More Dreams” for dramatic effect. (The Bird was a whim of spontaneity thinking when you think dreams, you think flying, when you think flying you think birds, meaning no more dreams because are the dreams every really free?)